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I am not gonna lie...  Photographing infants and toddlers is challenging.  It requires the patience of a farmer, the focus of an astronaut and the speed of a cheetah. 


A baby  will look at the 1 degree of a circunference where the camera is located only once for a split second every five minutes - the rest of the time goes to him looking at everything else.

When it comes to this kind of photography, one thing is to go to some makeshift studio in a strip mall or department store and have a $9 an hour employee that could care less about photography take your photos.  You just wasted $40 and your photos are void of emotion or creativity.

But if you want to have "an experience" in a studio completely dedicated to infant and  baby photography, with a photographer with years and years of experience and get to select from hundreds of cool props to make your pictures perfect - and then...  have the patience and the knowledge to make every photo look amazing - then we are for you!

This is why you hire us.

Toddler photography in Santa Fe

Infant photography in Albuquerque

Toddler photography in Albuquerque


15 minute session  $75  | 2 poses ~

1 - 8x10  |  1 - 5x7  |  4 - 4x6)

30 minute session $135  |  3 poses ~

2 - 8x10  |  3 - 5x7  |  6 - 4x6  |  2 wallet (x4)

45 minute session $200  | 4 poses ~

3 - 8x10  |  5 - 5x7  |  8 - 4x6  |  3 wallet (x4)

Full hour session $300  |  5 poses ~

5 - 8x10  |  7 - 5x7  | 10 - 4x6  |  4 wallet (x4)

Deluxe two hour session $450  |  7 poses ~

8 - 8x10  |  10- 5x7  | 12 - 4x6  |  5 wallet (x4)

Ownership and copyright: 

You may purchase full ownership and copyright of all images for an additional $100

Monday and Tuesday all prices are 

30% OFF

Professional head shots  $100

3 - 5 poses with ownership

2 - 8x10  |  3-5x7

(Ownership is an additional 30%)


(Include three shoots per year)

Please call 505-818-0001


about our baby photo artist

Gabriela Lemas

After training extensively with us, Gabriela left to pursue her natural ability photographing families where she quickly found a very receptive audience.  After hoaning in her skills she discovered baby and toddler photography and she knew she had found her pasion.

Years later, Gabriela has become truly the best baby photographer in Albuquerque and has created amazing experiences for their customers after spending countless hours finding the perfect props, backgrops and accessories to make every shoot special and unique.

Now she has teamed up with us again to create these experiences for a new set of customers.