My Wedding Packages are Simple but Complete

While other photographers continue to increase their pricing, I have not changed my pricing structure since 2010.  My pricing is very fair and I guarantee the artistic value, quality and customer attention to be at par and very often better than any other  wedding photographer in Santa Fe, Albuquerque or Northern New Mexico with my extensive experience and artistic talent.

important info

TERMS & [almost-no] CONDITIONS


  • ALL DEPOSITS are non-refundable deposit is required to lock your date - we start turning away business for your date
  • Balance is due in two portions - one 2 months out and the other by wedding day
  • Your entire balance is due 3 weeks before your wedding - no cancellations accepted inside of three weeks
  • Deposits can be moved to a new date without penalty - 90 day advance notice required
  • We cover all stages of your wedding - we do not photograph partial weddings EVER
  • We plan your entire day schedule out for you (No charge)
  • Photographers in your family are welcomed - why is that a problem? We still don't know after ten years
  • We reserve the right to use your images in any way we need for marketing purposes
  • No other discounts, promotions or specials can be combined with these prices
  • Items included have no cash value towards additional discounts (A big Mac with no pickles still costs the same)
  • New customers only
  • Prices designed to keep things easy and even for everyone - so please, no special concessions
  • Travel up to 100 miles R/T is always included
  • *Discount for Friday / Sunday / Winter weddings does NOT apply to these dates: Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving weekend or  1/1, 1/2, 7/4, 12/24, 12/25, 12/30, 12/31