Albuquerque Photo Booth

Forget about table favors, or huge slices of cake (Trade secret: Cut your cake slices in half and save 50%!) and get your guests the fun of a photo booth.

Our photo booth is fun, it is ran by a real photographer and it is flexible - 

This is what is included:


  • On site printing
  • A REAL photographer (not an operator that hates your guts) to make your shots great!
  • Amazing props
  • A huge backdrop to fit larger groups
  • Two 2X6 photo strips per client (one for them one for bride and groom)
  • An amazing 11X14 collage for bride and groom of all photos
  • Professional studio lighting

Photo Booth in Santa Fe Photo Booth in Albuquerque

Most Affordable in Albuquerque!

1 Hour $175  Probably too little

1.5 Hours $250 Could be adequate

2 Hours $295  Just about right | BEST VALUE

2.5 Hours $350 Usually the perfect time

3 Hours $450 Maybe a bit much

4 Hours - believe me, you don't want a photo booth for four hours... This is why 4 hours will cost you 1 Million dollars!

CUSTOM BACKDROPS $350 - You keep

All taxes and fees included - no travel fees, no set up fees - all you have to do is feed us.  Sounds fair enough.

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