Albuquerque Photo Booth

Forget about table favors, or huge slices of cake (Trade secret: Cut your cake slices in half and save 50%!) and get your guests the fun of a photo booth.

Our photo booth is fun, it is ran by a real photographer and it is flexible - 

Enjoy the following:


On site printing

A REAL photographer (not an operator that hates your guts) to make your shots great!

Amazing props

A huge backdrop to fit larger groups

Two 2X6 photo strips per client (one for them one for bride and groom)

An amazing 11X14 collage for bride and groom of all photos

Professional studio lighting

Photo Booth in Santa Fe Photo Booth in Albuquerque

Most Affordable in Albuquerque!

1 Hour $250

2 Hours $400

3 Hours $500

4 Hours - believe me, you don't want a photo booth for four hours... This is why 4 hours will cost you 1 Million dollars!

CUSTOM BACKDROPS $350 - You keep

All taxes and fees included - no travel fees, not set up fees - all you have to do is feed us.  Sounds fair enough.

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